Questions & Answers

Why should I use a Managed Service Provider?

An MSP offers peace of mind. Our service operates seamlessly in the background to monitor, manage and maintain your network, hardware, software, and security. This allows you focus on your business. We keep the network up and running, keep down-times to a minimum and make sure your security is up to date. We will also backup your data and we can advise you on best practices to proactively manage your company's internet usage. Proactive management is the key to your success.

How can I keep computer viruses off my network?

VA virus can strike your network when you least expect it. The data that it destroys or corrupts can wreak havoc on your organization and can have a major financial impact on your bottom line. Your best defense is to update your virus software regularly. The likelihood of a virus strike can be diminished if the individuals in your organization are trained to not to download files from unsecured websites, or open unknown attachments to emails. Finally, it is important to regularly evaluate the integrity of your firewall.

Can your services stop spam?

Ninety percent of all internet traffic is spam. Processing this much worthless data not only wastes your valuable network resources, it saps the productivity of your staff. Klein IT can reduce spam by using SonicWALL. SonicWALL provides unique protection against spam and other e-mail threats, like phishing attacks, by gathering information from an expansive network and sources called the SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network." Implementing SonicWall has helped many of my clients return their focus to what is important to their business day.

Can I sychronize my Blackberry with my computer?

Blackberry devices can be synched with your computer through Hosted Exchange Service. We can configure your Blackberry RIM device to synchronize seamlessly with MS Office and Windows Mobile devices.

If I remove an email from Outlook on my computer, will it be removed from my mobile device?

If we synchronize your Windows Mobile Device with your computer, any changes made to your email or calendar will be made on your Windows Mobile Device as well.

Can you block Facebook on my employees computers?

Many companies are drafting policies to block or limit access to social networking sites just as other businesses and professionals are finding creative ways to use these new sites to promote legitimate business activity. A website such as Facebook, that seems benign on the surface, has the potential to tempt your best employees to abuse network access in ways that can be unproductive or even harmful to your organization. The technical expertise offered by Klein IT Consulting will play a role as you develop network use policies that are most appropriate for your organization. We can also monitor internet network activity.